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(CHICAGO-December 6, 2016)

After deliberating for less than an hour, a jury awarded a client of the law firm of Roth/Fioretti a judgement of $12,864,874 in a claim against the Commonwealth Edison Company, the exact amount requested at trial.

On May 12, 2007, Commonwealth Edison was found negligent in causing an extra-alarm fire involving more than 100 firefighters at the client’s rented warehouse. The fire, electrical in nature, was caused immediately after employees of Commonwealth Edison tested the warehouse’s electrical system, changed fuses in the main fuse panel and were fully aware of a dangerous condition but restored power to the warehouse’s electrical system anyway. The fire destroyed the building, and all of Chicago Import’s millions of dollars of merchandise.

“We are committed to fighting for small business companies such as Chicago Import,” Bob Fioretti, managing partner of litigation for Roth/Fioretti noted. “Prior to litigation, Commonwealth Edison offered our client only $50,000 in compensation”.

Mark Roth of Roth/Fioretti was the trial attorney for Chicago Import. This is Roth/Fioretti’s, second multi-million dollar jury verdict this year.

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