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This week, Roth Fioretti’s team filed a lawsuit against the Village of Lakemoor for improperly issuing red light tickets East and West of Route 120 and North on Route 12. Lakemoor’s ticketing system has prevented citizens from challenging their tickets by withholding a proper section, as their code states, that the receiver of the ticket has violated.


If you, or someone you know, has recieved a ticket at the Lakemoor Red Light Camera, please reach out to us via email ([email protected], [email protected]) or by phone (312-922-6262).

One thought on “Roth Fioretti Takes on Lakemoor For Improper Red Light Camera”

  1. I received a ticket at this intersection and paid the $100 fine after I contacted the Lakemore Police and tried to fight it. Of course they disagreed with me. Is this lawsuit still going on or has it been settled?

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