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This week, Roth Fioretti’s team filed a lawsuit against the Village of Lakemoor for improperly issuing red light tickets East and West of Route 120 and North on Route 12. Lakemoor’s ticketing system has prevented citizens from challenging their tickets by withholding a proper section, as their code states, that the receiver of the ticket has violated.


If you, or someone you know, has recieved a ticket at the Lakemoor Red Light Camera, please reach out to us via email ([email protected], [email protected]) or by phone (312-922-6262).

8 thoughts on “Roth Fioretti Takes on Lakemoor For Improper Red Light Camera”

  1. Mark Roth I too received two red light tickets in the past five years. One in January of 2013, and the other in February of 2015. One I know of I made a complete stop. But, not for a complete 5 seconds… I no longer have the citations, but do have the check numbers from the bank. Made out the Village of Lakemoor. I understand I may be out of luck, but would appreciate to see Lakemoor be punished for this unscrupulous of earning revenue.

  2. I have received red light violations and paid out over $1000.00. when I asked for a hearing we were denied and they told us by letter if we don’t pay the fines our license will be suspended. I’m not sure were due process went but it was here!
    What is the situation with your lawsuit, is it still in progress.

    1. Hi Richard-
      Thank you for your comment and interest in the case. Unfortunately, the duress caused by the red light violation notices regarding fines and penalties is common, and we sympathize. Keep an eye out for our blog post with updates on the case.
      Thank you,
      Roth Fioretti

  3. Thank you for fighting this red light camera in Lakemoor. I got one too. Wasn’t sure what I did wrong.

  4. We moved into Mchenry in June of 2013. During a period of about 5 days I got 4 tickets for the right turn on red. Sure seemed like a scam to me and I also called for a court date and was denied. This is just a money making scheme on behalf of an unscrupulous company and poorly run village. I would love my money back but seeing the company and village get punished would be nice too.

    1. Hi Keith-
      Thank you for your comment and interest in the case. We sympathize with your frustration. To learn more about this case, keep an eye out for our blog post with updates.
      Thank you,
      Roth Fioretti

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