Roth Fioretti Takes on Lakemoor For Improper Red Light Camera

This week, Roth Fioretti’s team filed a lawsuit against the Village of Lakemoor for improperly issuing red light tickets East and West of Route 120 and North on Route 12. Lakemoor’s ticketing system has prevented citizens from challenging their tickets by withholding a proper section, as their code states, that the receiver of the ticket has violated.


If you, or someone you know, has recieved a ticket at the Lakemoor Red Light Camera, please reach out to us via email ([email protected], [email protected]) or by phone (312-922-6262).

Bob Fioretti – 38,000+ Petition Signatures To Be On Ballot For 2017 Cook County Board President

Bob Fioretti, partner at Roth Fioretti LLC, has just submitted over 38,000 signatures to be on the ballot for Cook County Board President. Bob Fioretti officially announced his campaign on November 15th 2017 on the basis of change, claiming it was “time to make Cook County, IL somewhere we can all be proud of”. Bob’s campaigning has been passionate and fierce, taking on big Chicago issues such as the sweetened beverage tax. Most importantly, the people of Cook County, especially the 38,000+ who signed the petition, agree with Bob and his efforts to amplify the people’s voice in Cook County, and to bring about positive change.

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Roth Fioretti Files Copyright Infringement Suit Garnering National Attention

Roth Fioretti Receives National Attention After Filing Copyright Infringement Suit.

Chance The Rapper performs on day three of Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

Roth Fioretti filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Chicago icon, Chance the Rapper. The suit alleges that Chance the Rapper infringed Roth Fioretti’s client’s copyright in the song “Bridge Through Time.” “Bridge Through Time” is the subject of a copyright registered in 1979, and was written by award winning jazz composer Abdul Wali Muhammad. The lawsuit garnered national headlines.

The Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times both published articles providing commentary on the suit. The article below published by The Chicago Tribune provides a audio comparison of the song with the registered copyright, “Bridge Through Time,” and the Chance the Rapper song “Windows,” of which includes the alleged infringement.

Chance the Rapper Lawsuit

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Roth Fioretti, LLC is pleased to announce that it successfully obtained a $900,000 settlement for the firm’s client from a major insurance company. The insurance company had denied Roth Fioretti’s client’s claim for damages to the client’s property. Roth Fioretti filed suit against the insurance carrier, and shortly after filing suit was able to settle the claim for $900,000, the approximate value of the claim.
Roth Fioretti’s attorneys represent corporations and individuals in complex litigation matters. Our attorneys are aggressive litigators. We represent clients in matters involving bankruptcy, contract, corporate and director officer liability litigation, employment, insurance, intellectual property and real estate matters. Our firm has litigated matters to the United States Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Illinois Supreme Court, Illinois Appellate Court, and District and Bankruptcy courts throughout the country.

Top left: Robert Fioretti, Top Right: Mark Roth, Middle: Tima Ramadani, Bottom Left: Lauren Roth, and Bottom Right: Ken Hurst

Roth Fioretti Successfully Defends City of Harvey and the Police Department

Roth Fioretti wins full request in defense of the City and Harvey and the Harvey Police Department.

16298365_1224239024335100_2646056202247158855_nAttorneys Mark Roth and Kenneth Hurst went up against a plaintiff who was injured during a shootout and arrest. Plaintiff alleges a Harvey Police officer used excessive and unnecessary force that led to his injuries. Plaintiff has previously been arrested for armed robbery and was harassing and threatening tow-truck drivers in the area. Plaintiff was injured in a sting operation conducted by the Harvey Police Department.

A jury of twelve was selected and found the Harvey Police officer, and the City of Harvey itself, was acting justifiably based on the previous robberies and the Plaintiff’s criminal background.

Congratulations to the City of Harvey and the Harvey Police Department for all their hard work.

Roth Fioretti, LLC does it again! Another jury verdict in client’s favor.

Roth Fioretti’s team of Mark Roth, Ken Hurst and Tima Ramadani are proud to announce another successful federal court jury verdict! 

Plaintiff, D-Juan Owens, filed a lawsuit against The City of Harvey’s Police Department and Officers Steven Kelley and Joseph Ellison after suffering several injuries that he alleged were a result of excessive force.

Owens sought recovery of $180,000 including $100,000 for past medical expenses, damages for his pain and suffering and damages for loss of a normal life.  The defense denied that the officers were liable for any of the injuries that Mr. Owens suffered.  After several hours of deliberation the jury rendered a defense verdict, finding that Owens was not entitled to any money.

Shown below is the Roth Fioretti trial team of Mark Roth, Ken Hurst and Tima Ramadani along with officers Joseph Ellison and Steven Kelley.

Roth Fioretti, LLC has made the Illinois Top 50 Jury Verdicts for 2016…..TWICE!

 Every year a list of the top 50 plaintiff jury verdicts obtained in Illinois is published. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried both in state and federal courts.

We are honored to announce that Roth Fioretti obtained two multi-million dollar jury verdicts in 2016 that made the list of the Top 50 Jury Verdicts in the State. 


We look forward to many more large verdicts in 2017. Thank you to everyone for their continued support! 

Mark Roth and Ken Hurst obtain a jury verdict in favor of The City of Harvey

No. 13-L-14549
Cook County Circuit Court
Judge Ronald F. Bartkowicz

Plaintiff, Michael Powe, was paralyzed after an altercation with the City of Harvey’s Detective Julio Esparza during an undercover police sting operation.  Powe claimed he was holding his cell phone when he approached Detective Esparza who was undercover at the time.  The police officer fired a .45 caliber hollow point bullet into Powe’s left wrist.  The force of the first gunshot caused Powe to spin around 180 degrees, and that a second gunshot was fired directly into his back.   The gunshot to his back struck Powe’s spine, and he was paralyzed from the chest down.

Powe sued the City of Harvey and Detective Esparza in State Court alleging battery.  Attorneys Mark Roth and Ken Hurst of Roth Fioretti LLC argued that Powe was holding a gun when he approached Detective Esparza, and did not follow the Detective’s demand to lower his weapon after the Detective identified himself as a police officer. The defense’s expert in police policies and procedures opined that the defendant did not use excessive force, and only used the force necessary to eliminate the immediate threat.

Powe sought recovery of $3.8 million, including $157,000 for past medical expenses, damages for his pain and suffering and damages for loss of a normal life. The defense denied Powe was entitled to any damages. The jury deliberated for less than an hour and rendered a defense verdict, finding that Powe was not entitled to any money.

Shown below are a happy Mark Roth and Ken Hurst, along with Roth Fioretti’s client Detective Esparza holding the signed jury verdict form.


Roth Fioretti LLC Hosts Coat Giveaway in the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chicago, IL- January 15, 2017




Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who never stopped asking the question “What are you doing for others?”, has inspired countless people to continue his spirit of giving.  On Sunday, January 15, 2017 more than 100 children from the near west-side received new winter coats. This was a collaborative effort between Roth Fioretti LLC, Billy Goat Tavern & Grill , and Chicago Imports.

“We were moved when we learned that children were coming to class without coats, so we decided to do something,” said Bob Fioretti.  Paul Sianis, an owner of the Billy Goat Tavern & Grill, graciously hosted the event for the children and families of the near west-side.  Children from the ages of 3 to 15 received new winter coats to help brave Chicago’s unpredictable winter.

Bill Sianis graciously hosted the coat give-away event.
Paul Sianis graciously hosted the coat give-away event.

“As lawyers, it is part our public service to do what is right”, said Mark Roth.


More than 100 children received new winter coats.
More than 100 children received new winter coats.